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This test tackles a large part of the C++ programmation. It has been thought for juniors developers, but it still can be used for confirmed developers too, in order to brush up on it. Most of the questions are asked through examples. The themes you may find are the following :

  • How to display and get values;
  • Control structures;
  • Functions;
  • Array, Vector and String;
  • Pointers and memory leaks. You may find also themes of Object-Oriented Programing in C++, such as :
  • Declarations (classes, attributes, methods);
  • Constructors and destructors;
  • Operators overloading;
  • Inheritance;
  • Polymorphism.
Created on April 2022, last updated on April 2022
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    Václav Chvátal animé(2676)
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Test author: Samuel Bacon

My name is Samuel Bacon, and I am studying in my final year at the Grenoble INP Ensimag engineering school. I specialize in mathematical modeling, image and simulation. As such, I regularly use programming languages such as C/C++, python or java. I have already had the opportunity for all these languages to accomplish different projects which helped me in writing these tests. The design of these MCQs allowed me to synthesize and consolidate my mastery of OOP and C++. During this last year of study I also chose a biomedical option to address themes in this sector that I appreciate. You can find out more about my background on my LinkedIn page.

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Developers reviews

By abdelghani on 04/12/2022
super test j'ai bien aimé le temps qui nous met un peu plus la pression
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