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21 questions
April 2023

This C # .NET Winforms MCQ is the result of Microsoft certifications and was carried out by an expert, Guillaume Brout, working for Itelios, an atypical service company specializing in these technologies. This test measures your ability to design, develop and deploy Winforms applications in C # language.

More specifically, it highlights your degree of competence in the following areas:

  • The creation of graphical interfaces using standard controls
  • Integration and linking to data sources: managing connections and transactions, querying a data source with Linq, CRUD ...
  • The printing and reporting implementation
  • Management of advanced features: drag / drop, localization and globalization, accessibility, etc.
  • Creating custom controls
  • The configuration and deployment of an application: installation process, ClickOnce deployment, Certificate ...
Created on February 2020, last updated on April 2023
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Test author: Guillaume Brout

Graduated in 2008 from the SUPINFO Computer Engineering School, I was a member of the SUPINFO laboratory of .NET technologies and also a trainer on .NET and Internet technologies (HTML / CSS, JS, PHP), then subsequently in as a professional speaker. I am also MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) since 2011. I am very interested in Microsoft development technologies and I have a number of certifications including MCDP Web Developper 4.0.
My favorite areas are technical expertise, industrialization of developments with tools such as Team Foundation Server, performance analysis, testing and everything related to quality. Apart from that, I love sport (badminton, squash ...), motorcycling and I am also a frequent traveler who loves to explore new landscapes and ways of life. Here is my blog
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Un peu difficile ! mais j'assume
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