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39 questions
September 2022

The C ++ MCQ will allow you to test your general knowledge, from beginner to more advanced level!
Specifically, it highlights your level of proficiency in the following areas: coding concepts, such as command line arguments, pointers, and memory management. So we will see:

  • Pointers (char pointers, pointer arithmetic)
  • Memory allocations / deallocation
  • Classes - constructors, object creation, deletion, initialization list
  • Concepts OOPs - Inheritance / Polymorphism
Created on February 2019, last updated on September 2022
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Test author: Abha Agrawa

I have been programming in C ++ for 9 years now. I mobilize my expertise in the creation of software solutions for the financial industry. Working with WeLoveDevs on this questionnaire was an exciting opportunity mixing IT development and recruiting experience simultaneously!

Become a contributor to our C++ quiz ! WeLoveDevs.com's quiz are collaborative and everyone can contribute ! You have an idea for the C++ correction? Submit a new question or a correction, we'll credit you in the authors list and you'll get points to unlock questions corrections!
Other contributorsThis developer also contributed : Vincent Cotro

Developers reviews

on 09/30/2022
on 09/19/2022
Perfect ! thank you so much for this test.
By Julian Boi on 09/04/2022
on 07/28/2022
on 07/04/2022
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