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20 questions
April 2022

In this quiz, we will test your knowledge of REST support and HTTP APIs in general in API Platform. If you are learning the framework, you may discover features through these questions. If you start to have a little experience with API Platform you will be able to challenge your knowledge with harder questions :) and if you have had all the good answers you are true expert!

The API Platform framework is a set of tools for designing and consuming web APIs. With it, build a complete hypermedia API or GraphQL API in minutes.

API Platform is built on tested and proven products. The server skeleton includes the famous Symfony 5 and as well as the ORM Doctrine. Client-side components use Facebook's React (a Vue.js, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Vuetify, or Quasar integration is also available). The development environment and the deployment mechanism are based on Docker, Kubernetes and Helm. The architecture is based on a Caddy, Varnish, Mercury and Vulcain server.

You can extend API Platform with existing Symfony bundles and React components. You can use the server side library in any existing Symfony or PHP application, use the client components with any API compatible with Hydra, regardless of its programming language.

Created on January 2021, last updated on April 2022
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    Dylan Ballandras(2868)
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Test author: Les-tilleuls.coop

About the author

Les-Tilleuls.coop is the company that created the API Platform framework.

Among our areas of expertise: PHP / Symfony, JavaScript (React, Vue, Angular, Node) and Cloud Native technologies (Docker, Kubernetes). Our team of developers is at your disposal to make your e-commerce platforms as well as your web and mobile applications as close to the state of the art as possible by following best practices.

Our team of experienced consultants supports you from start to finish in the success of your projects through various services:

  • Direction and technical support
  • Quality, performance, safety audit
  • Definition of software architecture, information system meeting the complex criteria of cloud computing, high availability and high traffic
  • Help set up TDD, BDD, DDD and SCRUM methodologies
  • Implementation of industrialization process (continuous deployment, quality monitoring, web acceptance)
  • Certified organization referenced in Datadock, Les-Tilleuls.coop can also provide training in each of these areas.
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Developers reviews

By Benjamin on 04/28/2022
les questions à choix multiples c'est bizarres. Les questions/réponses sont pas toujours bien formulées et génèrent trop de doutes ou ne sont pas assez précises.

L'équipe WeLoveDevs le 05/12/2022 Bonjour ! Nous pouvons prendre en compte vos remarques, n'hésitez pas à nous transmettre une capture d'écran des questions que vous trouvez ambigües ou inutiles par chat ou sur [email protected] Bien à vous, L'équipe de WeLoveDevs.com
By Baptiste Lecat on 03/02/2022
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