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21 questions
April 2022

Kotlin is a multi-paradigm (object-oriented and functional) JVM language, powered by JetBrains, the publisher of the IntelliJ IDE. In 2017, it experienced meteoric growth as it became the second programming language for Android apps, favorably replacing Java which was not always up to date on the platform.

This quiz is intended for mid-level Kotlin developers. A first experience of working with the standard library is preferable.

Non-exhaustive list of subjects addressed directly or indirectly: syntax, basic type conversion, function, lambda, class, control flow, scope functions, null safety, destructuring, collections, coroutines ...

This MCQ quiz not deal with Android development. Only Kotlin under JVM is discussed, the version used is 1.3.21. No knowledge of tools or ecosystem is necessary.

Created on December 2020, last updated on April 2022
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Test author: Mediatech-cx

Mediatech-cx publishes a leading SaaS software platform for managing customer experience in France. The objective is to measure and analyze customer perception via surveys of web opinions and operational data. The tools allow each employee to act instantly on the customer experience.

Mediatech-cx has more than 90 clients around the world, including Cofidis, Crédit du Nord, Nature et Découvertes, Nespresso, La Poste, etc. The offices are located in Lille and Paris, and the company is part of the Skeepers group, the # 1 of Voix-du-Client in France.

Frédéric Delsert offers you this MCQ. He is Lead developer of the Lille R&D team at Mediatech-cx.

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on 03/19/2022
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