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This technical test takes approximately 10 minutes and was designed by Fanny Demey and the community (companies, experts, CTO, teachers, freelances...) to help developers evaluate their skills.

Difficulty :Intermediate
Brand new ! This test has recently been crafted with love by Fanny Demey and its content reflects the usage of Android in its latest versions.

Android is Everywhere

Do we have to present Android? This is the operating system that is in your phone. Unless you have an iPhone. And it can go on your TV, in your box, in your watch, in your car. Everywhere!
Specialist in embedded systems and man-machine interfaces, Android offers an SDK to make very universal applications, regardless of the hardware.
It is often said that Android is owned by Google, when in fact it belongs to the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium led by Google with a lot of phone manufacturers in it. You can contribute and build your own version thanks to AOSP: the Android Open Source Project.

Refresh 2021

Before, Android developers used Eclipse, their phones had NAND with 16MB of memory, and they did XML. Today there is Jetpack Compose, Android Auto, and Android TV and everyone is doing Kotlin in Android Studio. The world has changed Marty!
So we asked Fanny to update this quiz : 20 new questions to refresh the existing database! 😀
Here are the concepts evaluated:
  • Jetpack libraries (Compose, LiveData, ...)
  • Google's recommendations in terms of architecture
  • The life cycle of the Activity and Fragment entities,
  • The structuring and implementation of the graphical interface,
  • Asynchronism in all its forms
  • Kotlin, coroutines and flows
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    Abdoul Hamid(2663)

About the Author: Fanny Demey

We did a Podcast portrait of Fanny Demey. Have a look to it here : https://podc
She has been developing in a whole bunch of fields for more than 10 years, in particular mobile on Android.
She is a Lille resident committed to the community, President of GDG, organizer of DevFest Lille.
She is also committed to accessibility, you can hear her as a host on the TechEthic podcast.
In short, you have to make a developer passionate about her subjects and her commitments. And that's how we develop sincere expertise.

Become a contributor to our Android quiz !'s quiz are collaborative and everyone can contribute ! You have an idea for the Android correction? Submit a new question or a correction, we'll credit you in the authors list and you'll get points to unlock questions corrections!
CreditsThis test was initiated by Fanny DemeyThese developers also contributed :
  • Nicolas Laurent
  • Vincent Cotro
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