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We are building your personal finance OS. Forget about spreadsheets, Finary allows you to track, manage and invest your wealth. We believe that technology can enable everybody to become great investors. To achieve that, we are reinventing the experience from the ground up. Finary was born out of our frustrations in tracking our investments. Tracking investments is the bedrock of a well-diversified investment strategy. This problem has been around for too long. We are tackling it head-on by building a platform that is both fun and powerful. A platform that takes the complexity out of finance. Before Finary, these types of tools were only accessible to the happy-few. We already built integrations for 10.000 banks, investment platforms & crypto exchanges worldwide. We are not stopping anytime soon. We are backed by YC, leading VCs like Speedinvest & Kima, advised by experts, and have assembled a team of veteran engineers and marketers. Users love our product and we are just getting started!
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