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How do I get my first management role?

While the question framed this way is pretty good for SEO, it is also quite an accurate representation of the various conversations I have had with young professionals or technical experts frustrated by the lack of advancement possibilities in the tech career path.

Yet, it is framed wrong, it is rarely about “getting” but “growing into” a management role or more widely a leadership role.

Getting is almost always tight to asking, and this often means giving away responsibility of one’s professional development to his/her manager or HR partner.

What I would like to propose instead in the video podcast below, is to own that change, to own this important career step by taking the lead of one’s own career.


Max & Vince Better Teams Podcast

Author Max & Vince Better Teams Podcast

Max has been building and developing engineering teams both in Europe and Asia for the last decade and has enjoyed every minute of it. He is now living his passion through the company Entervals he founded in 2017. His favorite setting is Q&As, where he gets to share his experience and stories (both the good and the bad). Together with Vince, he is the co-host of the Better Teams Podcast and the YouTube channel of the same name.

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