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February Update 🔥

Last season has come to an end and Damien Toscano was the Autumn Season Champion. He won with panache, collecting gold medals and contributing to the questions!

What is the MCQ ranking?

Each season, we set up a challenge targeting tech profiles (developers, but also more “functional” profiles such as project managers !).

To participate, simply take part in our technical tests and/or contribute questions to the platform ! The ranking is updated 4 times a day, find it here.

The aim is to score as many points as possible, with a prize for first place and other prizes !

This season, lots will be released by “Tier” to keep the competition lively all season long.

For the first Tier, we’re offering licenses donated by JetBrains.

The coupon entitles you to use your favorite IDE: CLion, Data Grip, DataSpell, GoLand, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, PhpStorm, PyCharm, ReSharper, ReSharper C++, Rider, RubyMine, or WebStorm.

To win, all you need to do is be one of the first 3 players to exceed 600 points on the Winter Season leaderboard, the current season.

What does 600 points mean? It’s 15 gold medals, 30 silver medals, 60 bronze medals or a combination of these 3. It’s not easy to do them all in the same day. And if you’ve already done 400 points, it’s quite a challenge to get up to 600. In short, the competition is open to all!

For the second Tier, we’re giving away 50€ Amazon vouchers.

We’re putting our SREs in the spotlight at the end of this season ! The first people to contribute 20 questions for the tests we’re preparing on AWS, Azure and GCP will win a €50 voucher from Amazon ! What’s more, these contributors will receive the “SRE Pioneer” badge.

badge SRE pioneer

And for those of you who win a gold medal in all our DevOps tests, we’ll give you an “SRE Master” badge to proudly display on your profile.









For this season’s grand prize winner, a Logitech MX Keys S Combo: an MX Keys S keyboard and an MX Master 3S mouse !

How to earn points?

By taking tests

Each time you take a MCQ, your answers are compared with other users using a well-known algorithm in the chess world (the glicko). And your score is ranked compared to others. If you make it to the Top 10%, it means your score is better than 90% of users. You then receive a medal displayed on your profile based on the score.

  • 🥇 Gold medal for Top 5% worth 40 points
  • 🥈 Silver medal for Top 20% worth 20 points
  • 🥉 Bronze medal for Top 40% worth 10 points

By contributing to the improvement of our tests

You can also earn points by contributing to the WeLoveDevs experience!

    1. Submit questions through our form (contact us if you want to suggest a new test). Each question validated by a moderator will earn you:
      – 10 points if it contains at least 5 lines of code
      – 5 points for all other questions
    2. By voting for existing questions and adding a comment to justify your vote.
      – 3 points per relevant vote validated by a moderator. A vote is relevant if it detects an issue with the question or justifies its relevance in a professional context
    3. By joining our moderator team. To apply to become a moderator, please contact us at [email protected]
      2 points for each approved question or vote

To ensure everyone has a fair chance of winning, we limit contribution points to a maximum of 400!

2023 Ranking Rules

  • Participation between December 1st and February 29th at midnight
  • Organized by SAS on the namesake website
  • Game open to adults residing in Metropolitan France or Reunion and with a completed account on WeLoveDevs at the end of the contest
  • Prizes detailed above
  • The winner will be contacted by email and will have 7 days to respond
  • Cheating (using google or wikipedia, among others) results in disqualification
  • The prize will be shipped by Mondial Relay or La Poste (only in metropolitan France or Reunion)
  • Game with no purchase necessary, nor participation fee
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