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There are several announcements today.

The first is that it’s the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. On WeLoveDevs at least. This winter was rainy, though. I did a lot of cycling through the rain. It’s still raining, but I’m glad we’ve moved through it.

And the one who has come through this season like Van Der Poel in the Arenberg gap is Manuvai. You’re reading the post-race commentary, here we go!

This is Manuvai’s 3rd participation!

The young developer has started testing the Summer Season. On his profile, you’ll find his “Autumn Keeper” and “Summer Top 10 Keeper” badges.
At the time, the future graduate was looking for his end-of-study internship.

Today, the young CS graduate has made his mark on the job market, earning the “Sovereign of Winter” badge. He’ll always be the freshest on the list.

In 3 participations, Manuvai has eaten a lot of questions. 3022 to be precise.

But this season, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion!
Matthieu, the Vice-Champion, was still in the lead yesterday at 5pm. El Mostafa secured 3rd place

To take the lead, Manuvai waited until the final bend before completing a series of QCMs. His profile shows that he took 19 MCQs last night.
He was able to bank 19 silver medals, which make up half his points for the season.

Our SRE expert, “Dauphin Confiant”, has long been a fixture on the Podium too. Julien Wittouck, his real name, is half anonymous on WeLoveDevs. But I don’t blame him – with such a stylish, randomly generated pseudonym, I’d have preferred anonymity.

Behind him are two charbonneurs: Adrien and William. Clearly, every week, I review and validate questions proposed by these two users in particular. And that’s a lot of work, because I often have to go into the documentation to understand the question 🤣

There are several participants in the Top 10 who have done well. If you’re looking for QUALITY tech for your team, I encourage you to browse the chart.

Spring has ALREADY begun!

Rules and prizes will be announced shortly. But you can already enter the competition.
All scores have been reset to zero, and you can take all the MCQs again right now. That’ll get you into the competition!

The theme of this new season is FLOWERS. We promise you plenty of floral badges.

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