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January 2024
11 minutes

Hey there, digital world recruiters! Did you think only developers got their share of challenge on welovedevs.com? Think again! We're introducing our newest creation: the 'IT Recruitment Test'. Because it's all well and good to talk about JavaScript or Angular, but you've still got to know how to spot the rare gems who master these languages, right?

This test is your chance to gauge your skills in the delicate art of IT recruitment. Say goodbye to doubts between a front-end and a back-end dev, or cold sweats at the thought of untangling frameworks and technologies. We've cooked up a series of multiple-choice questions that will take you through all these essential topics, and even more.

But watch out, no stress! We're all here to learn and, who knows, maybe turn some best practices into super hiring techniques. So, ready to test your knowledge and become the superheroes of IT recruitment? Let's go, we're waiting for you!

This test consists of 20 questions randomly selected from a database of 24 questions in Recruitement.Discover all our interview questions and answers here
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Test author : Martin Lutton

This test is the brainchild of the WeLoveDevs.com team, crafted with input from our favorite recruiter, Martin Lutton. It features common queries from our recruiter users and team anecdotes. If you're an IT recruiter with burning questions, don't hesitate to contribute!

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