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Rust is a compiled, multi-paradigm, strongly typed language. Its use pursues a double objective: to improve speed with finer management of memory, from compilation, without resorting to a garbage collector; this a priori control of the use of the memory also allows increased security of the memory. This security also concerns multi-threading aspects and concurrent access to the same resource.

The Quizz aims to cover the main notions relating to Rust and uses the main concepts of the language.

Created on May 2022, last updated on May 2022
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Test author: Benoit Prieur

Benoît Prieur is a freelance software development engineer. He has written several books published by ENI editions: about computing, C#/.Net/WPF and Python (Pygame, PyQt5). His latest book about Rust was published in May 2022. He also regularly publishes in Programmez! about quantum computing and natural language processing in particular.

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