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Take the time to read this. Shopify Inc. is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. We have a completely remote workforce since March 2020. We have employees across the world in over 20 countries. You might work with people from Singapore, Quebec, Germany or Brazil. Team spans all time zones. No need to know Ruby even if we are a Ruby shop. Interview process happens in your language of choice. We have time set aside during your onboarding to learn the language. We are hiring developers at *all* levels. We are also looking for engineering managers. Once we get in touch we usually setup a video call to see where your profile would be best suited. We look at past experiences, what it is you are interested in doing and of course... time zone to determine a team that might be good for you. We follow up with an interview process used to determine your impact level. The process is pretty straightforward and when we ask you to program to determine your level you use your language of choice.
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