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En moins de 2 ans, ubble est devenu un acteur français incontournable de la vérification d’identité en ligne. Ses technologies basées sur de la reconnaissance vidéo en temps réel est unique au monde. Les acteurs traditionnels (Carrefour, Crédit Agricole…) et les start-up (Heetch, Bolt, Side, Stuart..) comptent déjà parmi les clients convaincus notre solution. En plein cœur de la French-tech, ubble offre un cadre de travail agréable, inspirant et dynamique. 30 collaborateurs nous ont déjà rejoint pour faire grandir le projet.
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TEKYN, a committed player in sustainable fashion, develops the most innovative and intuitive software, hardware and service solutions to make the shift to digitalization accessible to all players in the textile industry. This digitalization, a guarantee of competitiveness and agility, allows the textile supply chain to be optimized so that it is agile, efficient and transparent. It is the keystone of a more responsible production. This is why TEKYN is positioned at the heart of the technological and human ecosystem to interconnect all actors and all their digital tools, facilitating data exchange while simplifying processes. Its solutions are based on three complementary offers : - a web platform and a mobile application for collaborative management of the production chain for workshops, brands and their suppliers, - production equipments for 4.0 workshops (cutting lines, label printers...) connected to the platform - a center of expertise in managing production projects on demand. TEKYN has gathered collaborators from the world of textiles, industry and new technologies, who all share the same ambition: to design the textile industry 4.0 for a major economic, environmental and social impact. And, because the success of a connected textile industry is also based on change management and human interactions, our collaborators accompany the different actors (brands, garment factories, weavers, printers) at each step to guarantee the adoption of the new tools by all. Inspired by the agile and teal organisation culture, you will find within each of our teams their common values: ecological impact, operational requirement and human achievement, ambition and "Fashion tech for good".
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