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At SonarSource, we solve problems that virtually every company developing software is facing. SonarSource is the leader in code quality & security with more than 85,000 companies using our solution, including Samsung, eBay, EA, Uber, Airbus, BMW. We launched in 2008 and are growing fast since then. Located in Geneva (Switzerland), La Roche-sur-Foron (France) and very recently in Austin,TX in 2018, we aim to double our Dev team size so check out how our passion is maybe your passion!
Locations:Geneva, Switzerland & 2 autres
Company type:Product company
Allow Freelancing:No
Allow Remote:Yes
Fundation Year:2008
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    Technical Team
    The Development teams are teams of problem solvers and overachievers who seek out others who are also passionate and relentless at their respective crafts. We want to work with people who are ready to buckle up and be a part of an incredible ride. We work hard not because we’re told to, but because we genuinely love what we do.
    At SonarSource we believe in people, excellence and delivery. We operate as a group with minimal hierarchy, our success comes from the sum of all of us, we remain open minded to others’ views and we embrace diversity because we see it as a strength. We achieve the highest standards; we go the extra mile and challenge the status quo. We recognise our limitations so we can constantly improve. As a SonarSourcer, you make it happen. You have no manager, you receive no order to follow: you choose your battles, take risks, innovate and lead change in baby steps.
    Developers questions
    9 months ago
    Hey, What would be the best ratio of remote / on-site per month ? Should 3/4 days a month would be acceptable and therefore ok for someone living in Paris ? Thx,

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