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Kiro is the first digital health platform for clinical biology in Europe, powered by medical-grade Artificial Intelligence. Medical biology plays a critical role in healthcare, impacting 70% of today’s medical decisions and representing more than two third of all information available from the human body. Yet, laboratory test results remain hardly understandable and actionable for most people. At Kiro, we believe they actually contain a source of information that is way beyond what we already measure and could be better used. Working closely with clinical biologists, doctors, and medical experts, we have built a new approach to medical biology that is more understandable, personalized, and relevant for the sake of patients. Our digital solutions provide a new way to access laboratory test results as well as clinical decision support tools built through medically graded artificial intelligence, to enable people to better manage their health. Our mission is to design our algorithms and platform to offer the best possible experience, both meaningful for patients and actionable for doctors. In less than two years, Kiro has partnered with clinical laboratories, hospitals, and clinics accounting for more than 230 sites in France and representing 7 million patients a year. If managed properly, we are convinced medical biology can drive an increased understanding of disease outcomes and patients’ health. As the cornerstone of systems biology, it is a way to better diagnose and anticipate diseases, fundamentally holding the key towards true precision medicine.
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