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Marseille, France
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Startup of 25 employees
DualSun is the inventor of the all-in-one solar panel and a digital and innovative manufacturer representing the made in france know-how. Founded in 2010, DualSun has developed a unique solar technology and expanded all over the world from Australia to Singapour and Europe. Since the beginning, the company has had a strong digital culture with the development of our web application MyDualSun. MyDualSun enables homeowners to go solar and solar installers to grow their business in the ost fluid and user friendly way. It is first a solar simulator that defines and tailors solar systems according to the customer needs and then a lead generation platform connecting solar installers to their customers. MyDualSun is a browser-based platform that doesn’t require a download, or setup. MyDualSun has been built with ease-of-use in mind. We serve solar installers of all sizes to optimize their lead generation, organize their project pipe, and provide precise simulations to their customers. We are a product driven company which means that the quality of what we deliver matters most. We will always choose quality over quantity in terms of development. Here are our core values: Stay curious: Be interested in the world around you. Remain humble: Keep learning and keep your ego in check. Be resourceful: Go that extra mile in the most efficient way. Own it: Take pride in what you do, own your wins, and fails. Be transparent: Sharing knowledge, learnings, feedback, and mistakes.
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Présentation DualSun
Présentation DualSun
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Photo de l'équipe



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