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Clever Cloud is an IT Automation company focused on developer productivity and hosting quality. The Clever Cloud platform allows people to push code (node, java, python, ruby, docker, go, scala, javascript, php...) and automatically deploys the applications. It manages all the deployment and ops processes: automatic monitoring, automatic healing, automatic backups, automatic scalability, no downtime redeployment, automatically applied security updates... Hosting applications is no longer a problem. Goals are simple: - Increase developer productivity - Create developer happiness (by letting them choose the tech stack they want) - Provide a suitable continuous delivery process out of the box - Enhance hosting reliability, uptime & security Focus on real company added value. Clever Cloud can be used online, in our public cloud computing platform (setup account in 1 minute, free trial), or in customers infrastructures with Clever Cloud on-premise.
Lille, France
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Company type:Product company
Allow Freelancing:No
Allow Remote:Occasionally
Fundation Year:2010
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Technical Team


The Clever Cloud technical team is facing challenge from linux patch to web front development and big data management. They are well know for expertise and ability to solve problems, discover their talk on youtube


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This company doesn't have any published job offer.

Developers questions

7 days ago
Bonjour, je suis étudiant en troisième année a EPITECH Lille je me permets de vous demander si vous étiez intéressé par un stage alterné

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