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Aix-en-Provence, France
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Startup of 15 employees
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AI(x) en Provence”? It’s possible! ALPHA10X is an AI startup headquartered in the beautiful South of France, surrounded by breathtaking countryside, and only 30 mins from the Mediterranean sea. The company has been recognized by Microsoft and the European Union as one of the leading AI startups in Europe. Designed for healthcare investors and innovators, our solution offers an AI-powered collaborative search and discovery platform that surfaces knowledge maps to connect healthcare data, experts, investors, companies, and technologies. On top of this knowledge base sits a series of cutting-edge time series analytics and aggregation tools that help predict the future. Our mission is to connect the people, capital and ideas to solve the world’s greatest challenges, using transformational technology and a fun, young team that includes prominent academics, data scientists with PhDs and advanced degrees from elite engineering schools, and experienced business leaders - in other words people like you. Driven by radical transparency, radical ideas, and radical impact, we believe that building a better world is the ultimate investment.
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