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ActiveViam has provided cutting-edge data analytics technology to leading companies since 2005. Our mission at ActiveViam is to bring powerful data analytics to every person, every team, every business who needs it. Indeed, our software tools give everyone the opportunity to directly and considerably impact their business. To this end, we support our clients in fulfilling their specific goals with a range of business solutions designed to help them make better data-driven decisions, faster, and continuously improve their operational efficiency. We also provide technological support so clients can build their own, powerful data analytics apps and deploy those apps at scale. Behind our clients’ success is ActiveViam’s exclusive technology, Atoti+ . Built on ActivePivot, Atoti+ is a combination of powerful aggregation, visualization and workflow management systems. Furthermore, Atoti+ works in all environments, from individual Python notebooks to company-wide, Java-based cloud deployments. With ActiveViam, users can collaborate and bridge the gap between analytics, machine learning, data science and operations.
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