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This quizz will be about the world of Cloud and virtual machines. How do companies manage millions of pieces of data? How do they ensure their integrity and security? What is Virtualization? Here are some questions that we will study these questions. You will discover what virtualization is, the challenges for companies, whether multinationals or start-ups! We will also take examples of software frequently used in these areas such as VMware or Docker.

Created on April 2022, last updated on April 2022
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Test author: Constantin Testu

My name is Constantin Testu and I am an engineering student in M1 at ESILV, specializing in data & IA, I am a consultant in this field for De Vinci Junior (JE of the school), and also a freelance data scientist. For 3 years I have been interested in Artificial Intelligence in all its forms to expand my experience. Having lived in England, I have an excellent level of English, and a particular appetite for the international. For more information you can consult my profile on WeLoveDevs:

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By zuzana on 04/29/2022
on 04/06/2022
By Delightful Zebra on 03/30/2022
Ce questionnaire est plein d'approximations

L'équipe WeLoveDevs le 05/12/2022Bonjour, Désolé que le QCM ne vous ait pas plu ! Nous sommes toujours à la recherche d'améliorations! N'hésitez pas à nous communiquer quelles questions vous avez trouvé ambiguës et nous pouvons les faire évoluer. Bien à vous, L'équipe de
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