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Flutter is a framework developed by Google for the development of cross-platform applications (mainly mobile but not only). Flutter allows you to create applications on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuschia ... The programming language associated with Flutter is Dart and the basic concept in flutter is the Widget This MCQ sweeps over the basic concepts of Flutter and Dart such as:

  • The build
  • Contexts
  • Dart syntax
Created on July 2021, last updated on April 2022
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Test author: Edouard Marquez

Edouard is a Parisian Android developer. Core member of PAUG (Paris Android User Group) as well as of Android Makers, he is a reference on the development of Native Android applications and multi-platform Flutter apps. Edouard also co-founded the Flutter Paris meetup and participates in the organization of the Flutter Conf Paris. In addition to that, he writes the Flutter Digest newsletter, a French newsletter on Flutter development! As you can see, Edouard is passionate about mobile apps. If you want to work with him or contact him, go to his site https://www.edouard-marquez.me/

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Other contributorsThese developers also contributed :
  • Clément Devos (W3D Team)
  • Baptiste Lecat

Developers reviews

on 05/24/2022
I think some questions are not trascendental to know to an intermediate level, because a simple read to the documentation may be enough to understand the usage of some specific classes or widget
on 04/07/2022
on 03/15/2022
By Quentin Sanchez on 03/08/2022
Plutôt pointu, donc accurate, good
By Aurel on 03/06/2022
Aucune remarque pour le moment
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