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Tuesday 11 June 2024


SQL Data Design

SQL Data Design #0/9


You must design a landscaper marketplace.

A person can register as a landscaper. She then chooses the services she offers from a pre-established list. She then declares - by selecting on a calendar - her availability (a start date and an end date, the days are always whole).

Another person can register on the site as a client. She can then select the service or services she is looking for. A list of landscapers is then presented to her with a filter that allows only landscapers available for certain days / periods to be presented.

If the client finds an adequate landscaper, he can then select the dates he actually needs and then place an order.

All quiz questions refer to this problem.

####Two important constraints are added to answer the questions:

No data redundancy is tolerated.

We will consider the storage of structured data (table, hash, json, etc.) in a single data field impossible.

How many tables are needed in the database to describe the landscaper, service entities and their relationships?

Author: W3D TeamStatus: PublishedQuestion passed 549 times
Reviews from developers
developer avatar
Auteur anonyme
Il y a plusieurs manière de gérer les disponibilités et on ne précise pas lequel on cible
developer avatar
Auteur anonyme
La question porte uniquement sur la relation entre le Paysagiste et les services qu'il propose. Les disponibilités ne font pas parti de la relation. Il y a donc une table de services, une table de paysagistes et une table de mariage pour la relation N-N. C'est pour cela que la réponse est 3.
developer avatar
Auteur anonyme
Oui c'est vrai, pardon

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