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Content that recruits!

We know how to identify the specific arguments that affect developers and we have built an expertise in content creation. From your brand employer developer goals and your target candidate, we know how to create your relevant and successful recruitment campaign.

We support you from start to finish to prove what makes you the best.

Content strategy

We study your company. During listening and exchange workshops, we identify what makes your tech team unique and develop creative concepts to reach your target audience.


We carry out all the contents defined during the preparation ourselves.
Filming is done in total immersion with your teams to produce authentic and sincere content.


We broadcast your campaign to loyal audiences to our brand, as well as specific audiences set against your target audience. Each campaign includes a hearing result guarantee.

Customized campaigns
for each company

The first media dedicated to developers

Today, more than 100,000 people consume our content each week. Our diversity in formats and quality of content has allowed us to gain a loyal audience.

  • Nearly one million views in one year (including 540k on Facebook)
  • A loyal audience throughout France and all the technos
  • Customizable contents

Let's start a campaign today

With a long-term strategy, attracting new employees who fit you perfectly will never be a problem again.
Working with us is the assurance of a brand employer developer project that goes well and videos that the audience looks to the end. Your speakers will be comfortable with our team, the videos will be realized and edited with attention to detail.

  • Tell us about your recruitment goals
  • We offer a line of personalized content
  • Guaranteed delivery within 30 days
  • Guaranteed audience of 150k developers per campaign
  • A project manager is dedicated to you

Happy developers at work are here.


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