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Developers who talk to developers.

Our mission is to give every developer the opportunity to find easily and by himself the company where he will feel happy to work.

You've probably heard that recruiting developers is hard.

The problem is that we do not communicate enough to the developers the reasons to become a candidate.

7 of 10 developers are listening to market opportunities

Today, we must create emotion in the candidates. The company where they will be happy, they may not know it yet! Image and reputation are inseparable for it.

1 out of 30 developers answers to a recruiter on Linkedin

Over-solicited, developers do not bother to answer. The generic approach messages are over. We have reinvented the relationship between the developer and the company.

Your levers of recruitment.

Today, recruitment is a very important issue for a company. It’s very important to have a long-term strategy to get the best results.

A thoughtful employer brand

Imagine that developers are already attracted to your business even before you've contacted them.

An authentic speech

Communicate about your assets, your strengths, the experience of your employees. Solid arguments for your target.

Precise and realistic targeting

To dare to target the profiles is to gain time to create a link with the candidates who really correspond to you.

Know-how and kindness

The secret of successful teams?
A well-worked attractiveness combined to a know-how of sharpened recruitment!

Discovering a business is now a real experience.

We invented an application to make the discovery of new businesses easy and accessible. On, it’s more than 10,000 developers a month who can potentially have a crush on yours.

  • Almost 1,800 companies listed so far.
  • Job offers, videos, photos
  • Authentic content verified by our team.
  • New search features

Create a successful recruitment campaign with us.

To maximize business results present on the platform, the experts of the message and content creation are part of our team. We know how to produce original and authentic content campaigns that will trigger the crush of your target candidate.

  • Reach 150,000 developers per campaign
  • A loyal audience throughout France and on all technologies
  • Declinable concepts for our customers

Let’s start the conversation !

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Happy developers at work are here.


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