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Développement de projets en Scala et Java. Nous sommes sponsors de Scala.IO, ScalaDays, Devoxx France, Scala Swarm, Voxxed Luxembourg. 25 personnes en France et 103 personnes à Rotterdam et Amsterdam.

Développeur(•se) expérimenté(e) JAVA OU SCALA

Recruiter Neil Benn
Published by Neil Benn17 days ago
Paris, France
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Description de l'offre d'emploi

To know more about Lunatech and our selection process check out our recruitment page (

Who we are

We are a challenging organisation with self-managing developers. We don’t have account managers or project managers; thus the entire team is responsible for successfully delivering projects to our clients. In small teams, we work on projects for our clients, both onsite at their location and from our own offices.

We develop custom-made software systems, mainly for system integration, big data projects and backend solutions. For decades now, we have been building software using Java and the Java ecosystem, more recently expanding to other JVM languages like Scala and Kotlin.  However, we are not fixed to one specific tech stack; instead we are always aiming to offer the best solution for our customers requirements.

We are active in the Open Source community; we have conference speakers, published book authors, etc.

The role

In this role you will have a number of different responsibilities:

  • To take part into the design, documentation and architecture of the project
  • To write code
  • To make sure that the project is delivered on time
  • To mentor (junior) team members depending on your experience
  • To make sure that the team has the right dynamic

As a developer on a client project, you are typically the member of a team of other Lunatech developers and/or in-house client developers. The size of the team varies depending on the project, but is typically between 3-7 developers (usually including a Tech/Team Lead). In addition to the developers, the typical team also has one or more product-focussed members (Product Owner, Product Manager, etc.) that is embedded with the team or collaborates closely with the team.

Most of our clients follow some form of Agile process, so as a developer you will typically help the more product- and business-focussed members with scoping and estimating units of work (usually “tickets”) that go into a project iteration (usually “sprints”). Then, during an iteration you will typically collaborate with the Team Lead and other team members to come up with solutions to address the requirements outlined in the tickets.

So a typical day might involve:

  • attending a daily “standup” meeting to synchronise on progress
  • interacting with a Product Owner to ask for clarifications
  • discussing alternative approaches with other developers
  • writing code (including tests) and submitting it for review (e.g. in the form of a Pull Request on a Git repo)
  • merging your code into a “main” branch of development
  • triggering a deploy to a staging or pre-prod environment, or a production environment, all depending on the QA and deployment practices of the client project

What we offer

  • Interesting and relax working environment with many opportunities to grow.
  • Working in a team with highly skilled and friendly colleagues.
  • Opportunities to attend interesting conferences
  • Opportunities to participate in certified trainings
  • Dedicated time for personal development
  • Macbook Pro
  • Competitive salary
  • Transparent profit sharing arrangement (PEE)
  • And more…….

Exigences de l'offre d'emploi

Who you are

  • You are a software engineer, with at least 2 years experience in Java or similar language.
  • You are a thirsty learner, passionate and driven developer, eager to pick up new technologies and willing to grow personally and professionally.
  • You are able to communicate clearly with our customers and colleagues.
  • You are delivering the best to our customers.
  • You will pick up responsibility of leading projects to successful completion.
  • You have experience with shell scripting, CI/CD, Cloud platforms (AWS, Openstack, Azure, Google)....

To know more about Lunatech and our selection process check out our recruitment page (




L'équipe Française développe sur des projets en mode forfait et en mode régie, pour la France, l'Allemagne et la Hollande. Nous codons en Scala et Java. Lunatech est sponsor à Devoxx France, Scala.IO et Scaladays. Lunatech c'est 103 personnes en Hollande, 23 nationalités et maintenant 25 personnes en France.
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Méthode pragmatique, où tu mets du code en production chaque jour et pas une fois par phase de la Lune...
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