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June 2024
10 minutes

Dive into the world of load testing with our quiz. Load testing is crucial in today's web environment as a downed site results in lost users and revenue. This quiz covers the basics of load testing, as well as the fundamentals of Gatling, up to the implementation of advanced scripts. Prepare to explore the principles of load testing and master Gatling to ensure the robustness and performance of your web applications.

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Puma adorable
2704 points
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Nathalie Lafond
2636 points
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2491 points

Test author : Gatling

I am Samir Akarioh, developer advocate at Gatling. As a technology ambassador for Gatling, I work closely with developers to understand their needs and help them get the most out of Gatling. My goal is to facilitate the adoption of good load testing practices and improve application performance through effective and innovative solutions.

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Sample question

What does the doIf() block do in Gatling?

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