Developers who talk to developers

Our mission is to help every developer to find a company where he will be happy.

We are convinced that

Every developer should find easily and by himself a company where he will be happy


Currently employed developers are looking for new opportunities 🙋‍♂️

A lot of developers are not happy with their current job. We want to offer to these developer an objective and complete view of the IT job market.


This is the number of answered private message by developers on LinkedIn 🙅‍♂️

Non-targeted and non-personalised approach messages…
Developers are bored of anonymous and low quality messages, they don’t answer anymore.

A great employer brand to make it happen

What if developers were already attracted by your company before you contact them ?

The perfect speech

Define what are your assets to convince your target.

Less sourcing, more conversations

You can spend more quality time with your futures employees when they project themselves in your company.

Reach your goals

The secret of successful teams: a well-developed attractiveness combined with a know-how of recruitment.

Our solution ?

We built a content platform

to help developers find easily their future company

More than 1200 companies are on in France.
Videos, photos and job offers.
Authentic, sincere and transparent content.


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