Cette semaine,  Adrien a ouvert l’oeil pour te proposer une veille JavaScript de qualité.

Clique sur les titres qui t’intéressent !

  1. Classement des meilleurs développeurs PHP de février : tu peux faire basculer le classement jusqu’au 29 de ce mois !
  2. Execute Blackfire Assertions Inside Atoum : Since the release of its version 2, Blackfire allows the automation of performance tests. Blackfire provides a PHP SDK that, among other things, allows to integrate performance tests inside PHPUnit: You can check that your code doesn’t exhaust a memory limit, an execution time or a number of calls for a function/method.
  3. A PHP Terminal GameBoy Emulator : Want to play Dr Mario or Pokémon on your server terminal? That’s for you!
  4. Postgres Query Plan Visualization : After a recent stint in query optimization, I once again found myself wanting a better way to view query plans produced by EXPLAIN…
  5. Composer vs. Linux Distributions : A Mental Model Battle : Recently, Gentoo documented what they view as the Composer Problem: Basically, PHP projects using Composer can’t be packaged the way they want to package it, with system-level shared libraries. This is not a new complaint
  6. Better User Interaction with SMS Text Messages using the PHP dotGO Engine : The DOTGO services can help sites interact with users communicating via SMS messages but to be truly interactive with our users, it is important to remember what we already have learned about them from previous interactions, even if they come back a week later.
  7. Codeology is an open-source project that brings to life the art and science of code.
    An algorithm analyzes GitHub projects and creates unique organic forms based on the codebase size and language. As no two pieces of code are alike, no two Codeology forms are alike.

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