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Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the fastest growing e-health service in Europe. We provide healthcare professionals with services to improve the efficiency of their organization, transform their patients' experience, and strengthen cooperation with other practitioners. We help patients to access care easily, with online appointment scheduling, teleconsultations, and receiving their prescriptions online. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fondé en 2013, Doctolib est le service de e-santé qui connaît la plus forte croissance en Europe. Ils fournissent aux professionnels de santé des services pour améliorer l'efficacité de leur organisation, transformer l’expérience de leurs patients, et renforcer la coopération avec les autres praticiens. Ils aident les patients à accéder plus facilement aux soins, avec la prise de rendez-vous sur Internet, la téléconsultation, et la réception de leurs ordonnances en ligne.

Senior Rails+ReactJS Engineer (x/f/m)

Recruiter Inès Giraud
Published by Inès Girauda month ago
Paris, France
Permanent contract

Doctolib is hiring a Full Stack Developer to work on our productivity software for doctors. You will be writing and deploying secure, well tested code that helps thousands of healthcare professionals spend more time caring for patients. 40 million patients use our website or our mobile app every month to book an appointment with a nearby doctor. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, under the hood we help 100,000+ doctors by building software that increase their productivity.

Doctolib was built by it’s three co-founders in 2013. Our two technical co-founders Jessy and Ivan were the first Full Stack Developers here. As a Full Stack Developers you will work like them, deploying code into production every day, taking your own development decisions and developing an awesome user focused product that helps millions of people. What we are building is hyper secure, test driven and pragmatically user friendly. This is thanks to our tech values:

  • User first: Both patients and professionals, we always put our users first.
  • Ownership: The product must be ours so we can make the right decisions.
  • Keep the stack simple: Be pragmatic, no tech just for the sake of tech.
  • Learn & Grow: Everything goes fast, but we help you to grow and learn with us.
  • Security and Reliability: We take this very seriously and embrace privacy by design.

To be able to deliver features quickly and write meaningful code, we use Ruby on Rails for our backend, supported by a PostgreSQL database and Redis and ElasticSearch services.

To allow our Ruby on Rails growing codebase to scale in a maintainable way, we invest into componentization to create a modular monolith with Rails engines.

We use React on frontend side.

We strive to upgrade our stack regularly to benefit from the latest features of Ruby, Rails and React.

Our backend is deployed on a Kubernetes cluster hosted in AWS.

To help you get this job, we prefer to hire an experienced software engineer who has worked in web development, ideally with experience in Rails and React, and who already worked on systems involving security and confidentiality.

What we look for; is someone who is proactive, involved, curious and collaborative. You write test driven pragmatically engineered code. We don’t mind if you have not worked in a ruby/react environment, if you are ready to learn, we are ready to teach you. You are expected to complete a homework test and your code will be reviewed and discussed with you if it passes our tests.

We provide you an amazing package to join the team, an excellent remuneration, training, medical insurance, Docto trips, monthly Docto parties, Docto everything. Ask for more details.

Apply now. Join us on this mission. We are excited to help you grow with us.



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Nous sommes 250 personnes en Tech, réparties : - 14 feature teams de 8 personnes : 1 engineering manager, 4 développeurs fullstack, 1 business analyst, 1 product owner, 1 designer UI/UX - 5 équipes transverses : Data, DevOps, cybersécu, Engineering Efficiency etc Elles ont toutes une vision produit très marquée. Côté stack, on travaille avec Ruby, Rails, JS, React, Node.js, Jenkins, Kubernetes, etc. Avec des personnes ayant jusqu'à 15 ans d'expérience sur ces techno, ce qui permet de progresser vite et d'aller loin dans des challenges techniques demandant un haut niveau d'expertise.


Nous sommes des adeptes de l'agilité et des best practices de développement (TDD, code review, pair programming et un très gros investissement sur les tests automatisés end-to-end). La formation pour nous est primordiale : formations JS et Ruby en solo comme en groupe, cours d'anglais en interne (conversations, écriture de slides, prise de parole en public), méthodes agiles, meetups, hackathons, et bien sûr tickets pour des conférences font partie de nos multiples initiatives pour aller plus loin ensemble :)
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