Passionate code monkey, Android lover for the past 10 years

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Senior Android Developer or Techlead, I work with Android devices since 2010 and I develop applications since 2012. Based on the experience I've gathered for the 8 past years, I went through multiple company size, from the start-up to the multinational, from the french pure-player to the international environment.

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Années d'études : 5 ans

Code depuis 9 ans


  • 2014 - UPMC Paris VI
    Master 2 Industrial Informatic
  • 2012 - UPMC Paris VI
    Licence 3 Electronic Engineering
  • 2011 - IUT d'Orsay
    DUT Physical Measurements


8 années d'expérience professionnelle

Expériences principales

  • Senior Android Developer
    à Alliance Renault Nissan Mitsubishi
    De février 2018 à décembre 2019
    I propose my 8-years expertise in Android apps development: • I can join your current team of mobile developers or start to develop your project from scratch • On-site (Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt, La Défense, Versailles…) or totally remotely • I develop applications for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, Android Auto, Android Automotive (in car)… I also develop and publish my own applications on Google Play (Printoid for OctoPrint, Pregnancy Food, RollingUp…)
  • Developer of Android apps for 3D printers
    à Self-company
    De juin 2016 à décembre 2019
    • Design, development from scratch, and management of Printoid for OctoPrint, a smart interface on Android for 3D printer’s connected farms (today in prod, 70k+ users) • Design, development from scratch, and management of RollingUp, an Android application to manage your stock of filaments for your 3D printers (today in prod, 5000+ users) • Technical stack: Kotlin / Jetpack / Android AAC / Espresso / Mockito / Roboelectric / Firebase / AdMobs / MVVM / Git / Trello / Entrepreneurship / Publication on Google Play / After-sales / Website management / Community Management





I do scuba-diving (passing my levels) I love traveling across the world (Peru and Cuba were my favorite places) I'm in fond of 3D printing (I have 4 3D printers at home)


I start to code Android applications by chance: I loved to tune my very first Android device 10 years ago, and I was moderator of a forum specialized on hacks and tips for Android devices. For my apprenticeship, I asked Alcatel-Lucent for a position and, finally, they proposed me a position of Android developer (the very first in the company) in order to develop an app to automatize the hardware integration tests for the 4G technology. Since this day, I've never spent a week without coding a line of code ;)

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